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Edlars December 5, 2016
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What is Rihanna’s Bra Size

Rihanna has 32B breast size and 32B bra size. Sources differ though, and some say she has 34B breast size. Please read on for measurements and bio.  is an accomplished singer originally from Barbados. She is a fashion designer, singer and an actress with a beautiful body as well. Fans love her breasts and body of work. She is successful commercially as well as financially with a net worth of $90 million. Her song “Umbrella” got her fame as one of the top singers in the world. Rihanna’s attractive and slim body with perfect breasts helped her on the covers of many famous magazines such as Maxim, Vogue and Cosmopolitan GQ.

Before we get to Rihanna bra size, let’s cover her dating life in more detail. Rihanna started dating Chris Brown in 2007 and the couple seemed very much in love. But in 2009, Rihanna had to cancel her performance in the 51st Grammy Awards as she was on serious medication after being beaten up by Chris Brown. The relationship ended after Chris Brown was found guilty of domestic violence. From December 2009 to 2010, Rihanna was in a relationship with Matt Kemp. What shocked her fans across the world was Rihanna’s claim of fresh start with Chris Brown. Rihanna breasts aside, in 2013, Chris claimed that the couple was not together. The media reported that Rihanna was dating Drake, a Canadian rapper in March 2014. Regardless the 34B bra size actress is at the peak of success. Sources differ though, and some say she has 32B boobs size.

According to Dr. Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon, Rihanna has small breasts which fit in her body type and they look natural looking. If she had undergone surgery for breast augmentation, she mostly would have got silicone implants and they must have been placed below the muscle for a natural look.” Rihanna has a slim body with a flat belly and small breasts and hips. The body measurements of Rihanna are 34-24-35 inches and Rihanna bra size is 32B. Sources differ though, and some say she has 34B breast size. There have been many rumors about her breast implants which are still not confirmed as she has never made a revelation about her breast implants in public. The fuller cup size does draw speculations about her being under the knife for breast augmentation but she has never agreed to these claims. No matter your thoughts on Rihanna’s bra size, the rumor about her breast implants had been sparked – and many people thought she went for the breast implants, as Chris Brown urged. Whether 32B or 34B boobs, we love her! Come back soon for more breasts and body measurements at celebrity bra sizes! You may also like to check out our Nicki Minaj Bra page for bra sizes and more pics at Nicki Minaj Bra Size!