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Edlars August 11, 2016
Melissa George boobs

Melissa George bra size and pics from Celebrity Bra Sizes! Melissa George is a hot Australian actress and sex symbol. She has 34B bra size. Born August 6, 1976 in Perth, Western Australia, she is 39 years old at the time of this writing. This article will discuss Melissa George’s 34B breasts and hot body. We will also provide a few photos of Melissa George boobs, at 34B bra size . Melissa George came from a traditional family and had a fairly normal up bringing, but she can claim the hot sex symbol honor and rightly so. She played a role on Home and Away (Australian soap opera) from 1993 to 1996, and this started her fan base growing, including fans of sexy 34B Melissa George breasts!

After a divorce wit Claudio Dabed 2011, she is currently with Jean David Blanc, her French millionaire boyfriend. Let’s not lose sight of our goal, her 34B bra size, pictures and gossip. Many of movies allow her to express her sexy nature and have dozens of people searching for hot Melissa George breasts pictures online. Because of sexy roles, Melissa George has become a sex symbol. People started searching for Melissa George breast pics and leaked photos all across the internet. We have a few images below to entertain you, along with brief Bio below. We’ve also added a 34B Melissa George boobs Video from Youtube.

We mix biography material in as well, along with sexy YouTube videos which follows shortly. But we’ll not stray far from hot Melissa George boobs! She is the daughter of Glenn George and Pamela. Her father Glenn was a construction worker, and the mother was a nurse. Melissa studied ballet, jazz, and tap when she was young, later transitioning into expert roller-skating. As her fame increased, so did the fans of her breasts! In the late 2000’s Melissa had roles in many thriller and horror films, starting with The Amityville Horror (2005), and Derailed (2005) alongside Jennifer Aniston, Vincent Cassel, and Clive Owen. Melissa George 34B boobs pics not withstanding (no pun intended), she ended the decade with many more horror films that include Turistas (2006), The Killing Gene (2007), 30 days of night (2007), Betrayed (2008), and Triangle (2009). We feature new celebrity posts daily, along with the Celebrity 34B bra size category so check out the rest of the website!

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