Kaley Cuoco Bra Size

Edlars January 10, 2017
Kaley Cuoco Breasts Pictures

What is Kaley Cuoco’s Bra Size

Kaley Cuoco is an American actress that has appeared and starred in different drama and comedy series, as well as in various films. She was born in November 30, 1985. Before she started acting, she used to play tennis since she was 3 years old. Later, she quit playing tennis in 2002 where she decided to focus more on acting. She has appeared in the famous big bang theory comedy series that made her gain recognition since 1997. Other films and comedies she has appeared in include 8 simple rules, To Be Fat Like Mine, The Penthhouse and Hop. Her perfect body measurements and her large C curved breasts have made her gain more fans across the globe. Her 34c breast size is amazing.

The following is information about Kaley Cuoco’s bra size and measurements

  • Bra size 34C
  • Height 5.5 “ (1.6 m)
  • Age 28 (as at 2014)
  • Bust/breast size 34
  • Waist size 24
  • Butt/hips 36
  • Eye colour Greenish
  • Weight 127 pounds (57 kg)
  • Dress size 6
  • Official shoe size 9
  • Natural hair color Blonde
Kaley Cuoco Breasts Size

Kaley Cuoco Breasts Size

In addition to Kaley Cuoco bra size, she made her first appearance in an action thriller known as Virtuosity. She rose to fame when she appeared in a top rated comedy series, The Big Bang Theory. She has actually scooped more that $5 million from that series alone and is one of the highest paid women on TV. Her net worth was around $20 million as at 2013.

She has had a series of boyfriends including Thad Luckinbill (2002) who was an American actor by then. Others include Kevin Zegers (till 2004), Jaron Lowenstein (till 2006), Al Santos (2007), Josh Henderson, John Galecki, Chris French etc. In august 2013, she dated Ryan Sweeting, a professional tennis player. She then got engaged a month later. They eventually got married on December 31 2013, in Santa Susana California. No matter your thoughts on Kaley Cuoco’s bra size, she’s luck in love!

Although her breasts are large and fit the 34c bra size, they aren’t natural. In an interview, she admitted that she had gone through a plastic surgery procedure to enhance her breasts. She said it was her own decision and admitted to be the best decision in her life. She is one successful woman that many people envy around the world. Regardless of her bra size, she has become a household name! Please check out the 34c breast size category for more bra size celebs.