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Edlars November 29, 2016
Beth Chapman sexy

Beth Chapman’s Boobs – Are They Real?

Hot Beth Chapman Pics and Bio

Making a REAL statement in our list of celebrity bra sizes is Beth Chapman. Beth Chapman cleavage is amazing and she is quite beautiful to boot! Her bra size is 38F, we’ll come out and say it! Beth Chapman boobs have been a true controversy in today’s modern pop culture. A plus-sized goddess, Beth Smith Chapman worked her way up to celebrity status through producing film – it also doesn’t hurt that she’s the wife of the famous bounty hunter Duane Chapman.  Sometimes mocked because of her large breasts, that doesn’t stop Beth from getting back up and trying again. She sits upon a media empire, so who cares about the haters? It makes you wonder what her bra size is really trying to say though. Stay tuned for some Beth Chapman pics!

What Size is her Bra?

According to all sources, Beth Chapman’s bra size is a whopping 38F, even though she only weighs around 180 pounds (or 82 kg). She is not a huge girl, and since most of her weight is in her breasts it’s easy to see that she wouldn’t even be in the plus-size area if she were a smaller cup size. Hot Beth Chapman pics coming up…


Being only 5 foot 7 inches (or 170 cm), Beth Chapman’s cleavage and bra size does not balance out her average height. Her measurements are 44 inches for the breast, 30 inches for the waist, and 38 inches for the hips (or 112 cm, 76 cm, and 97 cm, respectively).

Beth Chapman Boobs Real or Fake?

Even though Beth Chapman’s bra size indicates that she has had breast implants or plastic surgery, all sources point to her never even entering a plastic surgeon’s office for her breasts. She has completely natural breasts, and therefore, Beth Chapman’s bra size is completely natural as well, making every woman jealous across the world.

Married to a Bounty Hunter

No matter what her bra size might imply or whether her breasts are natural or fake, it’s definitely concurred that her husband, bounty hunter Duane Chapman, adores and loves her – probably not just for her personality, too. Being his fifth wife, Duane and Beth have been married since 2006. They share two kids, while Beth also has a child with a previous ex-husband. In conclusion, her breasts may be big and Beth Chapman’s boobs may be completely dis-proportional, but at least she’s happy. She is seen as the laughing stock of TV, made fun of and mocked constantly just for how she looks and sounds, but that never seems to affect her, and she makes sure that she doesn’t let it hurt her or her personal life. More Beth Chapman cleavage pics coming up, along with Youtube videos of this hot blond. You may also like to check out our Sarah Palin page for bra sizes and more pics at Sarah Palin Bra Size!