Our Celebrity Obsession

Edlars November 29, 2016
Kim Kardashian our celebrity obsession

We get a vicarious thrill by following the lives of celebrities. And it’s fun! Maybe it’s because we are trying to lead their lives indirectly, to see how it would be to have a lifestyle like they do. From a casual passing interest to celebrity obsession, we follow celebrities with a passion. We seek to escape the everyday realities of life and fantasize by slipping into the shoes of our favorite celebrities.

Be it a party or water-cooler talk at the office, Hollywood is a favorite topic of conversation. Which actress has got whose name tattooed on her back, celebrity bra size, the names of their pets… the list is endless. We relish the butt baring of Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian, and wonder how Jennifer Aniston never seems to age.  And what’s this obsession with celebrity bra sizes? We can’t seem to resist our curiosity to find out if their boobs are real or fake. In case you are wondering if this is the case with just men, you couldn’t be more mistaken. Women in their pursuit for the perfect body and perfect pair of boobs are even more curious! This is not a bad thing. Pop culture reigns supreme and we are coming along for the ride.

The answer to our celebrity obsession lies deep within us perhaps. It is our desire to own wealth and to attain their heights of success that we follow them. Everyone seeks reassurance and wants others to appreciate their work. It’s also a sense of voyeurism where we gain gratification from vicariously peeking into the life of our beloved celebrities. With the emergence of the internet and social media, each and every person has become a publisher. They have an instant platform to voice their opinions. Celebrity Bra Sizes  is right there with you, as they voice their opinions in their blogs, Facebook posts, Twitter etc. They become minor celebrities by the number of likes, shares or followers on Facebook and Twitter. Celebrities too have joined the bandwagon of Twitter and Facebook, to bombard us with their minute by minute updates. Pop star Shakira became the first person to get 100 Million likes on Facebook, setting a new social media record. She is tops on the list of celebrity bra size searches too!

It is not like the celebrity culture began only yesterday, it has been there for ages. When David slew Goliath he became the celebrity of his time. Joan of Arc was a celebrity in her own right. Only now, there media attention like more than ever before. Tabloid magazines and celebrity gossip sites with constant updates are continuously feeding the celebrity frenzy. Twitter and Facebook updates are lapped up instantly, to the point that we know when the celebrities are using the potty!

It is a ’Viral’ culture now, regardless of our celebrity obsession, thanks to YouTube. Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube. Long before he released his first album, his YouTube channel was getting millions of views. It also creates instant but fleeting celebrities. ’Psy’ a pop musician from South Korea rose to instant fame thanks to Gangnam Style’ on YouTube, which created history by becoming the first YouTube video to cross a billion views. His dance moves became a phenomenon by itself. But for him his fame was fleeting. The overnight fame he got was lost overnight too.

Ultimately our celebrity obsession doesn’t matter, whatever you’re famous for, fame is like a magnet and it draws us like moths to a flame. With luck, maybe we too will get our fifteen minutes of fame. Our site specializes in celebrity bra sizes and pics and there is more than enough fame to go around!