Georgia May Jagger Bra Size, Body Measurements, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Edlars October 10, 2016
Georgia May Jagger breasts size

Georgia May Jagger is the daughter of one the world’s most famous musicians, Mick Jagger. Her dad may be a total superstar but this gorgeous young lady doesn’t seem to have any intentions of standing in his shadow. She’s quickly carving out her own path in this world and making her own name just as famous.  She has six other siblings but seems to have gotten all of her dad’s charisma. In 2008 she started her career as a model and it took off very quickly. She’s modeled for famous brand names such as Rimmel, Versace, Miu Miu, Hudson Jeans, H&M and more. Recently her face has been popping up in advertisements all over the world and everyone wants a piece of her. Every magazine on the planet is reaching out to Georgia May Jagger in hopes that she will pose in a pictorial for them and after one look at her it’s not hard to understand why.

 Georgia May Jagger modeling career has been very successful so far and even landed Georgia a part in the 2012 London Olympic Games. She appeared alongside world famous models such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Lily Donaldson which is certainly a big feather in the cap of her career. Georgia’s popularity and notoriety is spreading like wildfire and a few years from now she’s very likely to surpass the models that she’s idolized all of her life. Move over Mick Jagger because Georgia May is taking over.

She inherited the best physical traits from both her mother and her father. When it comes to her face it’s bony like Mick Jagger’s but feminine and beautiful just like her mother’s face. She has big luscious lips similar to her dad and she also seems to have inherited a gap in between her two front teeth which are also large like her father’s. Her eyes are a unique shade of green and impossible to ignore.  Georgia May Jagger boyfriend is Josh McLennan.

Georgia May Jagger bra size is 31B. Her breasts are real.  She has small breasts on her slender banana shaped figure. Georgia May Jagger breasts size is sexy and tantalizing. Georgia May Jagger net worth is $328 millions.

Born: January 12, 1982 in London, England

Birth Name: Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger

Nicknames:  Georgia May Jagger

Raised:  London, England

Georgia May Jagger Height: 5’7” (170 cm)

Georgia May Jagger Weight: 120pounds (51 kg)

Georgia May Jagger Bra Cup Size / Waist  / Hips:  31-25-33 inches (96-63-88 cm)

Georgia May Jagger Bra Size / Breast Size: 31B

Real Breasts or Implants: Real

Georgia May Jagger Boyfriend:  Josh McLennan ( 2013-present)

Georgia May Jagger  Eye Color: Green/Blue

Georgia May Jagger Net Worth: $328 Millions

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