Ronda Rousey Bra Sizes, Body Measurements, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Edlars December 25, 2016
Ronda Rousey Bra Sizes Body Measurements

Ronda Rousey knows a thing or two about fighting competitively in the UFC. The increasingly popular women’s division within the UFC is no different from the men’s, and Ronda Rousey brings the same intensity with her when she competes, with the addition of sex appeal.  ESPN Magazine featured the fighter completely nude in their annual body issue as a way to generate interest with the macho viewers the sport generally attracts.

Ronda Rousey acknowledges the dangers in the her sport.  Injuries take place in all sports, but the UFC is the only one where another human being actively tries to knock out, pummel, and choke out their opponent in order to win. In addition, if those strategies do not work, the competitors try to snap each other’s arms the wrong way to get them to submit.

In a sport where a broken nose from a punch to the face is one of the less severe injuries, it may be hard to keep guys interested using sex appeal. The best Ronda can do to keep the viewers interested is to train as hard as possible and avoid flying fists long enough to apply her patented arm bar to opponents before she loses her gig as the face of the UFC women’s division.  Ronda Rousey boyfriend (ex-boyfriend) was Henry Akins.

Ronda Rousey bra size is 35A. Ronda’s breasts are natural.  Her breasts are small yet their looks packs a power punch.  Ronda Rousey breasts size is firm and sexy.  Ronda Rousey net worth is $750 thousands.

Born: February 1, 1987, Riverside, California, USA

Birth Name: Ronda Jean Rousey

Nicknames: Rowdy

Raised: Jamestown, North Dakota

Ronda Rousey Height: 5’6″ (168 cm)

Ronda Rousey Weight: 135 pounds (61 kg)

Ronda Rousey Bra Cup Size / Waist / Hips: 35-25-34 inches (91-64-86 cm)

Ronda Rousey Bra Size / Breast Size: 35A

Real Breasts or Implants: Real

Ronda Rousey Boyfriend: Henry Akins ( 2013)

Ronda Rousey Eye Color: Green

Ronda RouseyNet Worth: $750 Thousands

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